Why Choose Upgrade?

Every time we consider working with a partner, team member, vendor, or even potential client - we ask ourselves the same question. WIN-WIN-WIN Scenarios are very important concepts at Upgrade.


Upgrade has over 12 years of experience in starting, growing, operating, scaling, investing in, buying, and even selling businesses across multiple industries.
Not only that, but we use our own Upgrade Products, Processes, and Solutions - the same ones offered to YOU - to accomplish all of that, AND maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rate the whole time!


From advanced degrees in business, marketing, and technology - to real world educational experiences, seminars, and materials - Upgrade's Team has the knowledge to apply what we've learned to YOUR business!
Anyone can read a book and take a test, but the real knowledge comes in applying the education to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

service transparency

Authenticity in Customer Service is a lost practice in today's world of "get rich fast" advice. Our core motto is back up what we say, and communicate with you clearly and to the point.
While we can't guarantee exact results, we can offer the highest level in customer satisfaction by working our tails off for you and your business.

industry knowledge

We have worked with over 4,000 businesses and consumers over the last decade through our various ventures - from very large Fortune 1000 enterprises, to main street shops and stores - we have provided products and services ranging in Marketing & Advertising, Technology & Software, Sales Training, Development, Custom Products, and more in multiple industries.

About our process.


01 Contact Us! - OR - We Will Contact You - Simply fill out one of our online forms located in our Contact and Get Started Pages. Then, We will be with you within 24 Hours.

02 Take a look at what Upgrade can do for your business - After we contact you, we will walk you through what will work best for your business and offer you a proposal.

03 Once You Accept the proposal we offer - we will set you up with your very own Upgrade Online Hub with a Login that we will use to collaborate, get information, and get going!

04 When Your Upgrade Package is in place - we will continue to work with you for as long as you'd like us to by monitoring, changing, growing, and Upgrading further.

Why Upgrade Your Business?

We make your business version 2.0

01 Software, Hardware, Your Car, even your Phone in your hand - all get updates regularly to ensure that the latest features work the best - all so those companies can MAKE MORE MONEY from their customers.

02 We believe that businesses should have the same options and features - Upgrade aspects of your business so that you can serve your customers and teams better - so that you can MAKE MORE MONEY!

03 Most businesses today get stuck in trying solutions that don't work - then you get frustrated because you have 15 different companies all trying to JUST MAKE MONEY FROM YOU, without actually solving your problems.

04 Upgrade offers a single platform that is able to hit nearly all areas of your business with industry leading Upgrades and Updates - backed by expert advice and services not found with other providers.


95% Of All American businesses today are overpaying for costs of doing business, including marketing, websites, technology, insurance, products, and more.

83% Of ALL Small and Medium Sized businesses in America NEVER ACHIEVE PROFITABILITY. Which is why most startups fail, and others never reach their full potential.

75% Of American businesses do not have standardized processes to follow for performing core businesses functions - such as sales, customer service, and information management.

25% Only 25% of businesses stay in business for 10 years after they start. Whatever the reason is - money, budget, sales, management - we aim to change that number.