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4 Apps I Use Every Day To Stay Productive

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Phone calls, meetings, emails, orders, support, development….  the never ending to-do list! One of the biggest keys to stay productive and actually accomplish-ish all of the tasks we do in business is to stay focused, and focus on what matters, first. Have you ever eaten a worm? – I know, weird question… I’ve never had the super-human ability to be …

5 Steps That Will Get You More Sales, Faster.

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If a business can’t generate sales, well then obviously it won’t last long… raising money won’t help, getting thousands of likes on cute cat pictures doesn’t pay the bills… when it comes down do it – If Cash is King, then Sales is Queen. And we all know who is really in charge…. How do you get cash? Sales. How …

4 Ways To Get Cash In Your Business (That Don’t Involve Begging…)

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You read and hear it all the time – Get investors, get a loan, use your house, call up all of your family members and ask them for money, sell your dog… Well, maybe not sell your dog, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone did that. While most of those suggestions might work, and obviously have worked for …